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  • Why you should consider Gilli Island over Bali for your next Indonesian beach holiday

Why you should consider Gilli Island over Bali for your next Indonesian beach holiday

  • March 18 14:12 PM

We all know that Indonesia is on top of everybody’s list right now when it comes to planning a beach vacation .If you are looking for a quiter time by the white sand beaches and blue water then you must consider this beautiful island close by Bali.A speed boat can take you in two hours by giving you a lifetime experience while you sit and enjoy a bottle of beer with great music on the boat.

Here’s why you must visit Gilli Island next time you plan your holiday to the Indonesian paradise.

1) No cars but horses and bicycles for you to commute

Imagine, you are in an island where there are no cars but you can rent bicycles or hire the horse taxis to move around the island. So, if you hate noise pollution and chaotic traffic then definitely you will love this island.

2) White sand and blue water

In Bali you will spend most of your time at the pool party facing the beach but you won’t come across a beach like Gilli Island with crystal clear blue water and white sand beaches. Imagine a sunset by a beach like this!!

3) Go Snorkeling with sea turtles

If you are on a short two-day visit to the island then instead of scuba-diving you could go snorkeling. All you have to do is rent out the oxygen tank and other equipment’s and you are ready to explore underwater by yourself without taking any classes.

4) Go Kayaking

Go Kayaking if you are an adventure junkie and if you are lucky you might end up paddling with sea turtles next to you.

5) Explore the island on a bike

You can literally explore the island in not less than an hour but if you plan to do a stopover at beaches then that may take you more time.

6) Stay in a beautiful villa

Everything looks beautiful in Gilli and you would be tempted to stay at different villas everyday. From cheap accommodation to finest villas you could choose anything according to your budget.

7) Nightlife in Gilli

You would be partying under the stars!! The music will guide you where to go. From EDM to hip-hop and commercial music you will be dancing all night long in the island which ofcourse has cute little bars and restaurants opened till late

8) Treat your taste buds with delicious seafood

From lobsters to sharks and crabs treat yourself with some fantastic seafood platter while you sip on your favourite cocktail.