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5 Packing tips to travel light

  • July 26 12:40 PM
5 Packing tips to travel light

As exciting as it is to plan your vacation, packing for it, and more importantly, packing light, is what is rather troublesome for most of us. The question, ‘to keep or not to keep’ can give one sleepless nights and usually in the chaos, we either end up carrying too much or too little. However, fret not! We are here to help.

1) Don’t Fold, Roll

One of the most common packing mistakes that people make is folding clothes. How else will you do it, you ask? Roll them instead. Not only is the process easier, but it also saves a lot of space in your backpack or suitcase.

2) Sometimes, Small Is Big

Carrying toiletries is imperative, but it is also one of those things that add the maximum bulk to your luggage. So, instead of packing the bigger bottles, buy travel pack size or sample sized items to avoid excess baggage. 

3) List Out Electronics

 Instead of keeping everything from a tablet to your Kindle to laptops to a phone to a camera, list out the absolute essentials and carry only those. This is important because taking everything not only adds to your pack weight but is also added responsibility.

4) Cables And Earphones In Sunglass Cases

 Keep your wires and cables in a sunglass cases to avoid tangling and clutter

5) Smaller Jewellery In Pill Boxes

Compartmentalize your jewelry in a pill box and save yourself the hassle of opening a cluttered box of jewelry when you reach your destination. Earrings in one, cufflinks in another, and neck pieces in the third, life will be organized if you resort to this way of packing. 

So the next time you are traveling, keep these easy packing tips in mind!