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A backpacker's guide to resourceful travelling

  • October 16 23:36 PM
A backpacker's guide to resourceful travelling

1. Nothing better than public transportation

Many cities make all inclusive public transportation passes available for a fix number of days with specific/unlimited number of trips while some issue regular use passes too, and it would be a good idea to benefit from them. 

2. Befriend locals

Cannot stress enough how much fun striking up conversations with locals can be. Speak to your co-passenger in the train or the lady walking her dog alone in the park and get your firsthand insight on the city. 

3. Be resourceful with your time

Why waste a day anxiously traveling when you can sleep the travel away? Book yourself an overnight Flixbus seat and reach your destination in the morning at unbelievably low prices. But oh, don’t forget to be on time to catch the bus. 

4. Supermarket is your best friend

Sure, you’d want to try the local cuisine wherever you go. But, stocking some bread, cheese, vegetables and yogurt will suffice for meals that don’t have to be lavish. 

5. No better way to see the city than how the locals do

Do as the locals do- rent a bike and get a flavour of the city the local way.

6. Be a proud freeloader

Ask the hotel/hostel reception you’re staying at if they organize free walking tours or know of any. These are super informative and well, free!

7. A well-researched vacation always pays off

Now is the best time to befriend technology. Get those locals apps, city maps and plan your time wisely with the help of online articles.

Tip: Be open to change in plans and go with the flow!