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How to get fabulous skin like Nargis Fakhri

  • September 13 19:12 PM
How to get fabulous skin like Nargis Fakhri
Photo: Hoture

Known for her incredible body and beautiful flawless skin actress Nargis Fakhri shared some of her beauty secrets with us as we caught up with her during a launch of a beauty brand which she was promoting.

How to do you take care of your skin as you are shooting day in and day out?

I use the Walnut scrub to get rid of the makeup because sometimes the makeup seeps into the pores. I like to keep my car window down which again catches a lot of dirt so for me the face scrub works perfectly.

Did you ever face a bad skin day in your teenage days?

I mean...every girl goes through puberty right!!Even now these days as you get older women have issues at certain time of the month.So you need to take extra care during that time.Make sure you don’t pick at our face and if you end up picking at our face then there are products which can help you keep the blemishes and pimples at bay.

We Indians kind of get inclined to using natural ingredients like Tulsi and Neem a lot more than in the west. You have lived overseas all your life so could you share what was it like for you back there?

I have lived overseas but I come from a multi cultural background.In my house hold we always used a lot of natural stuffs as a kid and teenager while growing up.So, coming to India for me it’s been amazing because mother nature has given us everything and we should make use of it. I love products and use products that have natural ingredients.

How do you keep your skin glowing everytime?

I love my fruits and vegetables. I love India because I can go down and get my fruits and vegetables just below the building which makes me so happy. Ofcourse your daily face regime like cleansing, facial wash,scrub,masks that you use is important. Also I exercise and drink a lot of water.For me I love my Yoga and Dancing that keeps happy all together.

One beauty product you can’t live without?

Hmmm…A facial wash since I have to wash my face every day.

Any beauty tips for your fans to get a glowing skin like you?

I think everyone can get great skin if you use the right products. Walnut scrub is fantastic to get the dirt out and the golden glow face peel is really good. Make sure you drink a lots of water and exercise.Lastly, always have a positive mental attitude.