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5 surprising things exercise can do to you

  • November 04 21:03 PM
5 surprising things exercise can do to you
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1. Delays wrinkles

It is a proven fact that exercise has the ability to fight the signs of aging and also replenish lost collagen. It also improves the thickness of the skin, as thinner skin is more likely to develop those fine lines. So, ladies what you waiting for, make exercise your best friend. 


2. Clears pores

Don’t shy away from sweating because that’s how your pores open and all the impurities and dirt has a chance to exit, leading to a clear, fresh youthful skin. 


3. Healthy hair

Who doesn’t envy and love thick, luscious hair. Well, you can obtain that through regular exercise, which helps improve blood flow hence stimulating the hair follicles and resulting in hair growth. 


4. Fights Acne

Every girl’s worst nightmare acne can be prevented just by a simple step- Exercise! Studies have shown stress hormones influence the sebaceous gland, which produces oil in the skin. Hence, exercise eases stress, which in terms helps to prevent Acne. 


5. Protects the gums

In a recent study, it has been discovered that, those who exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet were 40% less likely to develop gum diseases. So,  it’s just an exercise away to achieve those pearly whites!