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5 Major mistakes you are making with your eyebrows

  • November 05 15:23 PM
5 Major mistakes you are making with your eyebrows
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Your facial expression comes through your eyebrows so it is very important to have an eyebrow which is shaped correctly. The shape of your eyebrows can either make you look grumpy or surprised.

1) Misplacing your arch

Firstly, this usually happens when you tend to visit different brow professionals. Some pluck their brows to get the rainbow or paisley shaped eyebrows which causes the face to look perpetually surprised. Always remember to find your natural arch by looking for your brow’s highest point, which is usually around two-thirds away from the inside of your brow. You can now pluck below the brow to make a lift.


2) Over Tweezing

Some people have the habit of plucking the tiniest hair from their eyebrows. This habit will lead to over plucking which will eventually hinder the face frame. Remember eyebrow hair grows at different rate so it is always wise to wait for the growth to even out before grooming them.

over tweezing

3) Using too much of eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencils are meant to fill in the gaps in between your eyebrows and enchance the look of your eyebrows. People make major mistakes while using an eyebrow pencil which eventually looks fake. Always pick a pencil which is one shade lighter than your eyebrow and give few  strokes for a natural look.

eye pencil

4) Neglecting the top 

After removing the bottom hair from your eyebrow always remember to keep the top clean and tidy for sharp, clean and well-shaped eyebrows.


5) Not visiting a brow professional

It is always wise to visit a brow bar atleast once or twice in a year if you don’t have the habit of visiting the brow bar often. Brow professionals can help you get the right brow shape along with helpful tips for you to try it at home.

brow pro