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8 Natural Hair Commandments From A Celebrity Hair Stylist

  • November 26 12:53 PM
8 Natural Hair Commandments From A Celebrity Hair Stylist
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One of the most sought after celebrity hairstylist, Savio John Pereira has worked with leading Bollywood ladies like Priyanka Chopra, Shilpa Shetty, Kangana Ranaut and many more. 

We caught up with the man himself over a beauty session where he spoke about the latest hair trends. "Structured hair, Bouncy curls, Scrunched hair, Textured bobs and Soft braids are IN this season" says Savio.

He also shared eight important hair care tips over this session.

1) Use the right shampoo

Use strengthening shampoo as it has wheat protein if you are prone to dry and weak hair.

2) Never use conditioner on scalp

If you are running out of time, first wet your hair thoroughly then take a little shampoo to clean just the scalp.Once the shampoo is used evenly on the scalp take some conditioner and use it on the rest of the hair and keep it for minimum 5 minutes. The conditioner if kept for 5 minutes will help clean the rest of the hair too without making it dry.Never use conditioner on scalp.

3) Be a smart traveler for destination weddings

Carry a mini iron instead of the regular iron, gel in small containers,serum, a brush and a lot of hair accessories if you are travelling for a destination wedding function with limited space for your beauty products.

4) Do not shampoo your hair everyday

Never shampoo your hair everyday.For somebody who is into fitness,they can either use a mild shampoo or a dry shampoo depending on the condition of their hair.

5) Hair can be tonged even without using an iron

Use Totally Baked from Bed Head TIGI and scrunch quickly to get the soft curls if you are running short of time to get your hair tonged.

6) Trim is a must

Get your hair trimmed atleast once a month.

7) Good diet

Include green leafy vegetables and almonds to your diet for healthy hair.

8) Water

Lastly, remember to drink a lot of water.