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5 beauty benefits of lemons

  • December 04 21:53 PM
5 beauty benefits of lemons
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This sunny yellow fruit could be your best friend during summers when you are craving for a chilled lemonade but did you know it has some fantastic beauty benefits too? Read here to find out.

1) Skin Brightener

Since lemon is rich in Vitamin C and citric acid it helps in lightning your skin.Squeeze some lemon and apply it on your face.Rub your face for a while and once you are done rinse it with cold water.This helps in removing blackheads,tan,dark spots etc.

2) Bleaching agent

Just like your face even your elbows and knees can look brighter and cleaner.All you need is a lemon.Cut them into two halves and rub them on your knees and elbows directly.You will be surprised to see the result in no time.

3) Controls Dandruff

If none of your anti-dandruff products seems to work on you then you have something special to try and see the miracle. Mix water,ginger root,lemon juice and some olive oil.Make a paste and apply this on your scalp just before you shampoo.Keep it for 15 minute and rinse it off.

4) Nail strengthener

If you are suffering from weak,dry,yellow nails then a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil is your friend.Soak your nails in the mixture for 10 minutes.This will help brighten your nails and condition them too.

5) Moisturizer

For softer and clear skin just add few drops of coconut water in a bowl of squeezed lemon and apply this mixture onto your skin.