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'MAN'icure..is a thing!

  • January 08 13:45 PM
'MAN'icure..is a thing!
Photo: Getty Images

We would have never imagined that we would get to see a day where our Hollywood male celebs would actually get their nails painted; but here we have them getting a manicure and rocking that look.

Brad Pitt

Pitt was seen with a unique manicure – he was sporting red, blue and purple on the nails of his right hand and rainbow colouring on the nails of his left hand- at the26th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala; we don’t know if his kids decided to give him that jazzy manicure but what we do know is that he gave rainbow manis a whole new meaning.


Johnny Depp

In 2012, Depp was seen with indigo blue nails at his premiere and at David Letterman show. The blue on his nails complimented the actor’s sun glasses as well.


Cash Warren

He was seen wearing hot pink nail paint at New York Fashion Week, 2012. Warren’s pinkie was painted golden bronze as walked with hand-in-hand with wife Jessica Alba.


Neil Patrick Harris

Harris was seen sporting shimmery teal nails at the Drama League Awards. His nails were well-shaped and the teal greatly complimented his tuxedo.



The artist hit the stage in 2012 with gold coloured nails that were an enigmatic accessory for his black tuxedo.


Adam Lambert

This artist is known to have sported coloured nails; he mostly wears black nail paint which compliments his over-the-top dressing style and his dark made-up eyes.