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Fear not! The loss of your luscious mane

  • March 11 16:19 PM
Fear not! The loss of your luscious mane
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We have found the least time consuming and a relatively chemical free method to achieve boisterous locks.

Today, both men and women are faced with the problem of thinning hair and there are various factors that lead to this demoralising problem; thinning of hair can be caused because of stress, unhealthy lifestyle practices, bad nutrition, and vitamin deficiency.

There are various methods which can prevent hair thinning; leading a healthier lifestyle and not taking too much stress would also help in maintaining healthier hair shafts; but more often than not, it is not in our hands when our hair starts thinning as it might be genetic or due barometrical factors. This is the time we seek external help; we then go on to opt for weaving or hair transplants but these are lengthy and very expensive procedures. But what do we do if we can’t go through these surgical procedures?

Fortunately, Nioxin, a product of P&G Salon Professional specialises in making the hair strands thicker and fuller – not only by boosting the hair growth cycles but also in increasing the diameter of the strands. Nioxin is very easy to use – no need to put in any extra efforts – you just have to use it like a regular shampoo and conditioner for your hair and can abort the use of the product at any given point of time, plus you can also mix and match it with other products.

“It’s quite a little miracle product,” says Natasha from Nalini of Nalini and Yasmin, and goes on to add that “people that are experiencing thinning hair can be quite traumatised by it. So, if there is a product that isn’t essentially chemical and is doing something wonderful for the hair – the shaft. Then, I am saying to you, we are in a better position.” She also claims that research has shown that with the help of Nioxin people end up having eleven thousand more strands of hair.

It basically comes in as a three part system which costs Rs. 2,390 and consists of a cleanser that cleanses the scalp and removes the residues that block the hair follicles to maintain a healthy growth environment for the hair to grow. Then there is a scalp revitaliser which is a conditioner that helps maintain moisture balance and a scalp treatment which basically is the food for the scalp providing the necessary antioxidants to help the hair grow better, faster and thicker.