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Return of the Victorian resplendence at Alexander McQueen

  • March 12 21:19 PM
Return of the Victorian resplendence at Alexander McQueen
Photo: Instagram

Think of a perennially flawless English beauty; with pale skin, a rosy flush sneaking up to the cheeks and plush pink lips with an added euphoria of the tousled empyreal hairdo.

Makeup pro, Pat Mcgrath and Global Creative Director for Redken, Guido Palau joined hands to imitate the iambic look of an English rose for Alexander McQueen’s Paris show. The models had a gigantic and unkempt updo to imitate the 19th century charisma teamed up with an alabaster face and dark rouge applied on the apple of the cheeks paired with soft and tainted lips with white mascara coat added to the fluttery lashes to complete he ethereal look.

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