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Hilary Duff becomes a real-life mermaid

  • March 23 21:30 PM
Hilary Duff becomes a real-life mermaid
Photo: Instagram

Are pastels in? We ask that, because recently our Disney princess, Hilary Duff opted for turquoise blue tresses. Before that, at the Paris Fashion Week, bubblegum pink hair became the talk of the town and Katy Perry and Nicole Richie have also been seen favouring pastel coloured hair.

Having said that, not all of us would be daring to go globally pastel and though pastel locks look ethereal, they are very hard to maintain,  “these pastel shades look good on lighter skin tones and require regular touch ups. Generally, Indians would not go for such drastically light colours; firstly because of our complexion – pastel shades suit fairer complexions – and also because it cannot be all-season-hair.” Says Natasha Swami, top stylist at Jean Claude Biguine. She also says that some of them would want to get a hint of adventure and go for pastel highlights, “but our brown is generally of level three or level four –which is very dark -  and for such light colours to catch on we need to pre-lighten the hair, and that can cause damage to the hair.”

Turtoiseshell hair, dark ombre’ and Balayage are the popular hair trends with warm browns; like coffee brown, hazel, cocoa brown, honey coloured brown and even ash brown, “but blondes are totally out. Women are trying to stick close to their natural hair colour” States Natasha.