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Exclusive: Jacqueline Fernandez reveals her jet-beauty secrets

  • March 09 15:45 PM
Exclusive: Jacqueline Fernandez reveals her jet-beauty secrets

As a brand ambassador for a leading beauty brand, Jacqueline Fernandez is very loyal to the brand she endorses and reveals all her beauty secrets that she follows while jetting-off or landing at her destination.

One professional hazard of being on top of the list is that you would be spending most of your time catching flights, not that the actress complains off, but if we were globe-trotting as much as Jacqueline then we must know how does she take care of her beauty regime post or in-flight.

Staying hydrated is one of the most key elements for the actress while on the plane. She say’s," Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey.” Another thing that the actress swears by is carrying a facial mist for instant hydration and moisture. “I make sure to use either a vitamin C energizing face mist or vitamin E hydrating face mist while on board”, adds Jacqueline.

Another key beauty rituals for globetrotters are the post-flight beauty care rituals. Jacqueline makes sure to follow her post-flight beauty regime no matter how jet-lagged she is. “Once I get to my destination, I quickly follow up by cleansing my skin then a mild exfoliating scrub. Post that I moisturize my skin thoroughly as the skin tends to dry up after a long flight”, say’s Jacqueline.

Next time you takeoff the plane, see your beauty checklist and follow the ultimate guide for a glowing skin just like Jacqueline.