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How to protect your skin and hair during Holi

  • March 11 19:23 PM

Holi is a fun-filled festival of colour and revelry. But ever wondered if your hair and skin felt the same way? With prolonged exposure to the sun and chemicals, probably not! That's why we've got a few beauty hacks to take note of this holi.

1) Prior to stepping out, apply a leave-in conditioner to your tresses, as it will protect your strands from getting discoloured while keeping them safe from dryness.

2) Take on the festival with a layer of SPF enriched BB cream on your face, sunscreen over your body and cuticle oil over your limbs to work as a shield against the sun and holi colours. The humble petroleum jelly is ideal protection from the same when applied over the brows, ears and lips too!

3) Once you've enjoyed the holi celebrations, opt for a hot oil head massage to repair damaged hair easily. A homemade facemask of lemon juice, besan and aloe vera pulp will soothe skin from irritation and dullness while brightening its tone. Bring the exciting day to a close with a warm bath of essential oils and gentle scrubbing to get rid of the residual dirt from your skin while pampering it at the same time.