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5 Ways to kickstart spring/summer to maintain good health

  • March 23 14:31 PM


Its that time of the year when you feel you need to make a big change in your lifestyle and prepare yourself for a new season. We are listing down five important things that you could do to bring in a positive change in your health.

1) Meditate

Mediation as many of you may know is best for anit-aging. Stress plays a big role in our lives, which gradually makes you look older than your actual age. So remember to take atleast 10 mintues of your time and start your day with mediation every morning.

2) High intensity cardio

With the busy life that we are living in it surely gets difficult to get your workout regime going. Take out just 20 minutes of your busy time and do a high-intensity workout like sprinting or cycling. This will build your stamina and will help you focus on your work better.

3) Cleanse your system

Winter can be terrible if you have no control over your eating and drinking habits. Well, all thanks to the weather for dirty cravings that one has from deep-fried food or excessive drinking during party season. Now is the time to go on a detox and cleanse your system by adding super vegetables like broccoli,carrots,kale,cucumber and tomatoes in your diet. Start your morning with luke warm water, honey and lime which is the best form of detox drink for spring/summer.

4) Hydrate your skin

This is the season when your skin tends to get extremely dry. While there are many products available in the market you could also make yourself a homemade hydrating mask and apply on your face for an instant summer glow. Mix avocado,egg whites,honey,yoghurt and lime and apply the mixture on your face. Leave them for 5-10 mintues and rinse it off with luke warm water. It will leave your face supple and hydrated.

5) Vitamin Capsules

No matter how balanced your diet is it is always recommended to take extra vitamin supplements because the food alone cannot give you the vitamins and minerals that your body requires. Spring/Summer is the time when your skin starts getting problematic, so all you have to do is take vitamin C capsules. It supports the immune system and increases the collagen production in the skin.