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Designer Masaba Gupta on her new lipstick collection and how to flaunt bright lip shades this season

  • June 22 20:02 PM
Designer Masaba Gupta on her new lipstick collection and how to flaunt bright lip shades this season

I think for me you have to embrace the skin you are in says”, Masaba Gupta, who just launched her new range of lipsticks in collaboration with a leading beauty brand. The new “Candyland” collection will take you back to your childhood days. Adding quirky names like melody, rola cola and mango bite to the new range of lipsticks, Masaba cleary sticks to the essence of her brand.Here’s what the designer had to say about her new collaboration.

1) Whats your very favourite lip colour from your collection?

Purple!!!!!! I am not a purple person,I have never worn purple but I felt this one is just amazing, because I wore for the campaign shoot but ofcourse, we din’t use that image but I felt it looks stunning. It just makes your face pop. Its not one of the purples that makes your lips look dry. Its very lustrous and moisturizes your lips too.

2) In our country people with darker skin are not very confident with their skin colour.What’s your take on this now that you have launched a lipstick range which has all the bright pop colours?

I think for me you have to embrace the skin you are in. Most of the time its really important to have that confidence. Your skin colour is the factor of your genetics so it has nothing to do with the amount of cream you use or anything. I think its very important to understand that and just be confident on how you look because someone with a fair skin might envy you and vice versa so always have that confidence. Well, I am someone who took a while to embrace my skin colour because I was always a darker girl but I consciously started tanning now and I love to get a bronze look. There is lipstick that works for everyone, there is a hair colour that works for everyone, and there is makeup that works for everyone.

3) What beauty tip would you like to give to all the young girls out there now that the monsoon is here?

You know in the monsoons less is more!In India irrespective of the weather less is more. What happens is you wear makeup and then you are in the a/c.Once you step out the make-up starts running down.So what I suggest is always highlight just one feature of your face. I feel lips is better because they don’t run and you don’t have to keep applying if you are using a good lipstick.I say go easy on foundation as it tends to get oily .I would also say go easy on blush and use more powder based stuff for this weather than cream based because it just gets too oily. Even with hair it’s nice to put it up in a topknot or braids. Don’t just leave it open and keep it frizzy.

4) Before you go to bed what beauty regime do you follow?

I don’t do much since I have sensitive skin. I use cetaphil.I use a lot of moisturizer on my face and I use vitamin c serum because that’s the only one thing that brightens up my face when I have a long day. And I think just drinking one whole bottle of lemon water really helps. Just one hour before you to go bed. It makes you feel good in the morning. Your stomach is flushed and your abs tight. It will feel like you had a good abs workout.