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How to avoid early age wrinkles, according to dermatologist Dr Jamuna Pai

  • August 05 16:27 PM
How to avoid early age wrinkles, according to dermatologist  Dr Jamuna Pai

Nothing can stop us from aging but ofcourse, if taken correct measures you can definitely minimize wrinkles .We spoke to country’s top dermatologist, Dr Jamuna Pai, on how one can avoid wrinkles at an early age and she has shared some very important tips for all of you who are suffering with early age wrinkles.

Dr Pai says, “When it comes to anti-ageing, rather than running after every new product available over the counter it is best to evaluate the factors that cause the signs of aging. The internal factors responsible for accelerated aging, besides genetics, are lack of moisture retaining capacity in the skin, less turnover of new skin cells and lessened elastin production. The external factors are mostly environmental such as sun exposure combined with improper diet and no exercise.”

“While in their mid 20s women need a good maintenance regime for a healthy glowing skin unless they are facing problems such as acne, oily skin, hairfall and dandruff which are quite common in the 20s. It is important to counteract the damages done due to these by eating right, sleeping for a minimum of 7-8 hours, consuming a minimum of 2 litres of water daily. The late 20s are today considered as the 30s of a decade ago. It is the best time to start using a mild repair agent such as tretinoin or retinol on your skin at night (best used under guidance of a physician whereas for the women in the 30s, skin care is less about correction and more of prevention as this is a time when not only your skin but even your body goes through a lot of changes.

 In your 30’s the skin does not repair as fast as it did in your 20’s. The rate at which the new skin cells are produced slows down and the activity of the oil glands also decreases. As a result the skin starts to look dull, patchy, dry and the fine lines and wrinkles start appearing as early as in the 30’s. Certain anti-aging treatments like Botox, skin resurfacing lasers or dermal fillers can be done for such cases depending on the genetic makeup and severity of the lines and wrinkles, say’s Dr Pai.