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  • September 05 22:32 PM
7 Dermatologist approved ways to minimize pores without using make-up

Pores being a vital part of the skin, getting rid of them completely is impossible. But you can certainly reduce the appearance of the pores and prevent them from getting worse if you keep a couple of points in mind. Here’s a comprehensive guide to minimizing pores by Dr Jamuna Pai.

1) Do not pinch or squeeze pimples as this will only spread the infection and over a period of time make the pores larger.

2) Avoid the use of harsh abrasives and soap on your face; which can also aggravate skin pore enlargement and lead to more acne.

3) Use cleansers and toners that are mild and enriched with AHAS(Alpha Hyrdoxy acids) that help keep the acid mantle undisturbed and at the same time doesn’t make your skin look shiny. 

4) Use exfoliating agents such as a topical retinoid to remove any excess dead skin cells that accumulate around the pore. 

5) Protect your skin from the sun as it will reduce the enlargement and clogging of pores.

6) Rub a block of ice on the affected area as it helps in decreasing the pore size.

7) Always remember to wash off the make up before retiring to bed, enabling the skin to breathe through