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How to get full brows like Cara Delevingne

  • October 08 14:02 PM
How to get full brows like Cara Delevingne

It's safe to say that Cara Delevingne has set a high bar for full, bushy brows. Everywhere she goes, from the movies to the runways, she serves as brow inspiration for women so here's how to get them.

Step 1 - Get your tools in order. You'll need a small stiff angled brush, brow pomade or gel, brow powder and a spoolie brush. Make sure the shade of your brow pomade and powder is closest to or slighter lighter than your natural hair colour. Don't opt for too dark a shade or else it will look unnatural.

Step 2 - Dip the brush in the pomade or gel and use it to outline the natural shape of your brow. For fuller brows, go slightly outside your natural brow shape but not too much or else it will overpower your facial features.

Step 3 - Taking the same brush and pomade, draw small vertical strokes in the bare areas of the brow to resemble natural hair strand. Continue this motion in the direction of the brow strands and proceed to fill in the brow completely.

Step 4 - Let the pomade dry for a few minutes. Then dip your brush in the brow powder and pat it in the bare areas of the brow. The powder will stay in place by the gel.

Step 5 - Finally, use a spoolie to brush your brows out completely. This will eliminate visible lines and give your brows a natural finish.