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5 tips to manage unruly hair post styling

  • November 07 13:19 PM
5 tips to manage unruly hair post styling

If you've spent the entire festive season straightening, tonging and crimping your hair, you're probably faced with frizzy, damaged tresses. To turn that around, give these hair care tips a go post a session of severe hair styling.

1) Steam your hair - If your hair has been subject to plenty of product, chances are they've built up and accumulated on your scalp. Steam your hair by covering it over boiling water to open the cuticles and release the grime.

2) Try a hair mask - To reverse frizz and dryness, try a homemade hair mask of the pulp of one avocado, 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Leave this nourishing hair pack for an hour and wash off to see shiny, strong strands.

3) Go on a styling fast - Put away your styling tools for a week or two and style your hair naturally with braids and buns instead. This will allow your hair to recuperate from the damage of styling and products so that it can grow healthily from the cuticle once again.

4) Cover up - When travelling outdoors, keep a scarf or cap handy to cover your head as it will protect it from exposure to sun, breeze and pollution which is a constant threat when one steps outside.

5) Step into a salon - If the damage left by styling is far too intense to tackle at home, then book yourself an appointment for a hair repair treatment at a trusted salon. Ingredients used like keratin help rebuild the strand for healthy, strong tresses.