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This new express hair treatment is everything

  • November 23 15:33 PM
This new express hair treatment is everything

If you're the kind of girl who is always on the move, you may already be familiar with the difficulty of keeping your hair styled and silky. Juggling between shampoos and conditioners, straightening before you leave for work in the morning and using a barrage of hairstyling products - yes, you personally know how tedious it can be to get hair that's healthy and shiny.  To add to that, pollution and constant styling can only damage hair further. So if you're a busy-bee with a dearth of solutions, to get gorgeous hair, then we highly recommend you to try out the brand new ‘Morrocan Oil Express Hair Spa’.

The famous blue-labeled hair oil is a celebrity favourite and is recommended by hairstylists worldwide. If tired, damaged hair is your problem, this will solve it swiftly. As these products used are infused with Argan oil, the hair spa aims to rejuvenate the scalp and lengths so the mane is smooth, shiny and healthy.

Priced at Rs. 1750, this treatment is perfect for working woman because it will set you back only by 30 minutes. This treatment is available across all the Jean Claude Biguine salons in India.