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5 Ways to protect your skin from sun this summer

  • April 18 18:02 PM
5 Ways to protect your skin from sun this summer

Summer is here and riding high on our list of priorities is our body. Because this season can do a great deal of damage to it, it's important to step out shielded with these skincare tips:

1. Never skip sunscreen

Winter and especially summer, never skip sunscreen. Slather a broad-spectrum waterproof sunscreen of SPF 30 over exposed areas before you make your way into the great outdoors. Don't forget to reapply it after 3 - 4 hours

2. Scarves for skin

Scarves aren't just for style quotient. In summer, use them as an additional layer to cover your hair and skin. It'll help keep those harsh rays from burning and tanning your skin

3. Main hours

Skip stepping out in direct sunlight from 10am to 4pm. During these hours, the sun is at its highest and hence, can negatively impact the skin the most

4. Sunglasses

It isn't only your body that needs protection, it is your eyes too. Dark sunglasses rather than light tinted ones can protect your vision from being affected and eyes from straining in the sunlight

5. Eat Well

Add plenty of antioxidants to your summer diet like green tea and berries. Antioxidants enhance the skin's natural ability to protect itself and hence, works like an inbuilt sunscreen for the body