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How to manage red troublesome skin in monsoon

  • June 13 23:30 PM
How to manage red troublesome skin in monsoon

With its sticky humidity and even higher temperatures, this weather can mean a world of trouble. Especially if you have sensitive skin that's easily troubled by the weather, it can be worse. To get you out of that nightmare these skin care tips can be of great help:

1. Pay attention to the ingredients in your beauty products. Certain ingredients like binding agents or fragrances trigger allergies and can leave the skin red and irritated. If you note a product has ingredients like this that are setting you off, skip them immediately.

2. Don't opt for hot water when bathing in this weather. It can feel cosy but it will strip your skin of natural oils and make it susceptible to irritation very easily.

3. Shield your skin. Keep your skin covered up with SPF rich makeup products and a layer of sunscreen, which will act as an umbrella and give your skin the protection it needs.

4. If you find your sensitive skin burning up in the heat, cool it down with an ice cold shower. Then apply a calming aloe vera gel over the affected area to reduce any pain or redness.

5. Wear breathable clothing. Garments made of cotton and linen allow your skin to breathe so that sweat doesn't accumulate and cause rashes and redness in the bargain.