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The only beauty tool you need right now

  • June 18 18:37 PM
The only beauty tool you need right now

One look at this tool and you'll wonder what it is. Part of a kitchen set, perhaps? Not quite. This wonderful beauty tool goes by many names like derma roller and micro-needler. It has a long handle for a steady grip and the head of the tool consists of a circular roller with miniature needles. Yes, those really are needles and it really is a tool to improve one's skin condition.

The process, which uses the tool, is called micro needling, derma rolling or collagen infusion therapy. In it, the tool is rolled gently across the expanse of skin, which allows the needles to pierce the skin. You may think that needles meeting skin sounds counterintuitive to get dermal health but there's a science to how it works. The ever so slight piercing of the needles encourages the skin's natural defense to produce collagen and heal thoroughly. This in turn, helps repair the skin over the affected area. Micro needling is mainly carried out to bring about a change in skin texture and is used for acne marks and scarring.

No wonder, it is a scientifically proven method that has skincare addicts flocking to try this treatment for their stubborn skin problems. If you'd like to give micro needling a shot, visit a reputed dermatologist, as this procedure must only be carried out under professional guidance.