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Celebrity makeup artist Shraddha Naik shares her monsoon skincare tips

  • July 25 00:16 AM
Celebrity makeup artist Shraddha Naik shares her monsoon skincare tips

Celebrity makeup artist Shraddha Naik who works very closely with actress Shraddha Kapoor takes us through monsoon skincare do’s and don’t. These important tips from Shraddha can save your skin from damage.

1) How to avoid greasy skin in this humidity weather? 

Try using an oil control moisturizer to begin with. Avoid using creamy and heavy coverage for your daily makeup. Always use a fix spray to lock your makeup. If your skin gets greasy too often, use a blotting paper to dab off the excess oil making your skin look fresh.


2) One skincare product you swear by in the monsoon?

I love the fix spray that seals your makeup. It’s a monsoon must have.


3) How to alter the beauty regime with the changing weather? 

The trick is simple! Change the product with the changing weather. For example, using waterproof products on eyes can keep your eye game strong even in heavy rains.


4) What's the most common mistake one makes during monsoon? 

People usually don’t consider the weather when they apply makeup. Many end up following their same beauty routine and products, which may work great of other weather but may end up looking messy in monsoon.


5) How to avoid bacterial infections on skin during the weather

Take good care of your skin. Clean your skin every time before and after makeup. Use moisturizer to maintain the hydration level of your skin. Make sure your brushes are sanitized before you use them. If you’re using a brush that belongs to a friend or a colleague, sanitize it yourself. Cleanliness is the key.