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This Photo is raising an important discussion about Women

  • March 29 20:45 PM
This Photo is raising an important discussion about Women
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

Recently, Toronto based  artist and photographer  Rupi Kaur “Period” movement was not taken positively by Instagram when the artist posted a photo of her sleeping in her stained sweat-pants and bed sheet which was part of her university project to demistfy the period and make them normal again.

When Instagram removed her picture from the account saying that it goes against community guidelines, Kaur spoke on-behalf of women around the world who still shy away from reality and said, “O demystify the period and make something that is innate "normal" again cause rape categories in porn are okay. Objectification and sexualization is okay. People getting off on naked underage women, bondage, torture, humiliation, abuse is okay but this makes them uncomfortable. That's what this work is supposed to do. Make you as uncomfortable as you should feel when you watch others get abused and objectified.”

After a powerful message that Kaur put out on her other social platforms, Instagram was forced to put back her photos on the gird and apologized for which they call it a mistake. To this Kaur reacted, “You are a movement. That is the power you hold my beautiful people.And I am so proud of you. Of us. Always speak your heart sweetloves. Because the truth no matter how terrifying it might be to the masses always remains the truth and when they try to shut you down my god speak louder. It has been my greatest honour to witness your magic at work. It has been an honour to work alongside you. We are a force to be reckoned with.”

This young artist has spoken something which probably every woman would have wanted to say in some point of their lives. While some supported this movement and some didn’t like the way it was put across, but Kaur made sure to bring an end to the period taboo that society is been believing and following till date.