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Why Kangana's talk is inspiring women around the world

  • October 15 11:47 AM
Why Kangana's talk is inspiring women around the world

Kangana Ranaut who is grabbed a national award for her outstanding role in ‘Queen’, lately has been making appearances in foreign grounds too. Ms Ranaut has left no stone unturned be it in fashion, films or even by participating in a social program like this particular event. The seventeen minutes video interview of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, with BBC news reporter, Shabnam Mahmood will be an eye opener to all the young girls around the globe. From being born as a girl child in a small town in India to making her way to Bollywood, hear this heart touching story of the actress as she represented India at ‘The World Summit’ in London.

What were your expectations growing up as a young girl in your family? In your village?

Well the thing is in India, it’s a matter of fact that a girl child is seen as a liability. And probably the only expectation is that you grow up to be presentable young women who can get a decent spouse. Well, That’s not much of a expectations but yaaa…(Laughs)

What were you like as a child?

Pain I would say (Laughs). I wasn’t a child that an Indian parent would like to have. I was quite rebellious. I guess I didn’t see myself as my family saw.I didn’t see myself as a liability. I didn’t see myself as someone whose purpose of life was to just find a good enough husband who could take care. I saw myself as much more than that.

You said rebellious..What kind of things did you do as a child?

Ahhh..I think I was quite confident about myself and I had a mind of my own. I liked the fact that my father had a lot of expectations from my brother and I probably wanted to be that person who he could be proud of and could be her own hero. So, yes that led to many incidences including my running away from the house.

Before we come to that I want to ask you more about your family. Was it a very traditional family? Were the male members of your family treated with favoritism?

Yes, I wouldn’t say it was an exceptional Indian family...that is pretty much how it is everywhere. You know you grow up in a very protective environment which can sometimes be a little bit of suffocation also. So, yes they can be little bit too protective sometimes.

Did your family have favoritism towards your brother?

Yeah…..Like I said in India, you know a girl child is seen as a liability so naturally they did because a girl child is not celebrated for sure.

So what eventually pushed you to leaving home?

Like I said that quest...that understanding of your own self, that confidence that you carry in yourself that you are a lot more than people think you are. And you want to prove that and you want to find yourself and you want to be a lot more than you are believed that you are. So probably that quest.