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Write your own Victory Chronicle of Period Paradox

  • January 09 11:40 AM
Write your own Victory Chronicle of Period Paradox

Dear periods, “I hate you like I love you”!

Itchy, irritable and messy is how we can define those bloody 5 days. If that is not enough you must have had such magical experiences – You fell asleep on white sheets but woke up on a Japanese flag look alike?! Eww… yes, but we have all had our shares of such common fiascos. Sometimes, on worst places than bedsheets. We go to every length to be extra cautious on those days. From using double pads to avoid staining, spraying excess of fragrances to hide the irritating smell, to continuously watching our backs! Ordinary sanitary napkins may also pave way for pad rashes, urinary tract infections or embarrassing leaks. But hey, there is a way to the change the tides of red sea with right “whispers”.

#Ownthose5days, bid adieu to the constant feeling of wetness, irritable odour, and fear of leakage with the ‘New Whisper Ultra’.  Endowed with 1000 suction holes, this technologically advanced sanitary napkins offers 5 times more protection than ordinary pads; lending you a clean, dry feeling and optimized comfort. Celebrate the spirit of being fabulous on even those 5 days with the superior ‘New Whisper Ultra’