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Fashion-Label inspired cupcake ideas

  • April 19 15:14 PM
Fashion-Label inspired cupcake ideas

Cupcakes have become the fashionable lot's staple dessert so much so that hipster brides are now replacing the standard wedding cake with pyramid shaped displays of cupcakes in every imaginable icing. There are cupcake recipes for every celebration, from Easter to Halloween, so why not channel your love for fashion through this tiny dessert. Says Le15 Patisserie founder Pooja Dhingra, "Cupcakes offer a natural display for creativity. We often get orders for haute couture-inspired cupcakes at soirees of the swish set." 

While it's a no brainer that the decoration would display your favourite brand or acccesssory -- think stiletto, lipstick or sunnies -- what goes into the mix is equally important. Here are some ideas for vintage designer cupcakes.  

Chanel: Clean lines and whites are synonymous with this chic label so use fresh Madagascar Vanilla beans to make silky vanilla bean buttercream for your cupcake. The intertwining C's on the logo are easy to achieve with chocolate sauce

Alexander Wang: Stark black and rich detailing sprinkle his collections. Naturally, the cupcake inspired by this designer's wares will feature both. Make a Black Forest chocolate cupcake stuffed with cherries and top it with rich chocolate icing

Burberry: The beloved plaid and iconic trench coat aren't so tough to distill into a cupcake, when you make a mini version of a marble cake with vanilla bean icing

Dior: Use Belgian chocolate cake and top with vanilla bean icing and a piece of French chocolate

Christian Louboutin: The iconic shoe label by the eccentric Louboutin calls for a recipe that is just as tantalising. Bake a Red Velvet cupcake and infuse it with Belgian chocolate chunks. Top with cream cheese icing and Belgian chocolate curls and you have yourself a piece of edible art to complement your red lacquered heels.

Manolo Blahnik: Classy and cultish in their following, especially after TV show Sex And The City hit the tube, this footwear giant demands a cupcake that's simple yet alluring.  Use Belgian chocolate for your cupcake and top with fabulous cream cheese icing. 

Jimmy Choo: French & Belgian chocolate chunk cake topped with chocolate icing & a dark chocolate curl