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What is Sonam Kapoor's new App about?

  • April 30 21:54 PM
What is Sonam Kapoor's new App about?

From being part of the first Indian film to be produced by a Hollywood studio (Saawariya) to becoming the first Indian actress to appear on The Hollywood Reporter's prestigious list 'Next Generation: Asia Class', Sonam Kapoor has many firsts to her credit. Her latest digitally savvy move is a first for a Bollywood personality --- her own app. 

Celebrity apps are a trend

While internationally, everyone from the Kardashian clan to Justin Bieber have launched their own apps taking users up, close and personal with them, Sonam has beaten other Indian stars to it. A step that will bring her closer to her fan base and keep eager fashion followers up to date with her wardrobe (the 'travel diaries' section in the app sees to that bit).

Within a day of its launch, the app simply called Sonam Kapoor, is trending on Twitter and No. 1 on the app store (conclusive evidence of this fashionista's growing 'tribe' as she likes to call fans).

A few hours of browsing through the app and one can see the colour scheme is elegant, a far cry from kitschy funky fashion apps. Of course, her love for pastels... especially pink runs through. 

Sonam gets personal

You can see what Sonam is up in the 'My Life' tab which she updates every few hours with snippets from her fabulous life as the day goes by. She has found space to fit in some lifestyle DIYs too --- how to bake her favourite red velvet cupcakes by Pooja Dhingra and Sonam's personal trainer Radhika Karle's 5 magic moves to stay fit on-the-go. 

Loads for fans

There are loads of video clips, personal pictures and messages for die-hard fans who want in on the star's every move. Sonam likes to bunch the most ardent in the 'My Tribe' section which features fan posts. At the launch, the actress promised to personally reply to them. The  photogenic actress has a flair for writing (she has been a student of literature), a side to her we see in the Workohol section. Life isn't all candy pink dresses and photoshoots here and her words get intensely personal too. These are the kind of glimpses into a celebrity's personal life that fans thirst for. 

Style advice

The digital icing is the 'Style Mafia' section where Sonam is dispelling exclusive advice on makeup trends (Illuminated skin is her hottest for the season), accessories (making your own velvet choker) and video tutorials. Her panel of experts will be decoding her looks and doing more makeup tutorials with Sonam in the days to come. 

This app makes one thing certain. In this digital age, downloads --- not diamonds --- are a girl's best friend.