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7 ways to get rid of hangover, like a pro

  • January 06 16:19 PM
7 ways to get rid of hangover, like a pro

Water, water, water

Remember how many toilet trips you took last night after ‘opening the bottle’. Alcohol affects our kidneys in such a way that they start sending liquid to the bladder directly. No doubt, you wake up dehydrated next morning (or afternoon!). Water is one of the best weapons to fight those hangover blues. So bottoms up!

Walk home

We all know the ‘no driving’ policy after having drinks but actually walking home can sober you up. Fresh air and change of environment helps clear your head, this will also make your next day less painful. But before you start walking, find a sober buddy who knows your address; and yes, take off those heels.

Some exercise

Okay, this may be too much to ask for but working out will actually help you calm down and clear your head. The toxins will evaporate with your sweat! Well, not literally but exercising sure helps to bring back the original you. But a word of caution, do not overdo it.

Get those salts

Dehydration is the biggest reason you feel sick post drinking. Water does help, but if you want to get rid of your hangover really fast then gulp some isotonic drinks. You need to get back those lost electrolytes in your body, and for that electrolyte drinks do wonders. Energy drinks too help. Even ORS sachets help.

Don’t skip that meal

Yeah, we know you don’t feel like eating and everything tastes like rubber but a full breakfast or brunch will help you fight that hangover. Fried foods will do wonders as they help regain your fatty acids. Go for eggs as they help reverse the liver damage caused by alcohol. However, if you’re not too hungry go for carbs, they will help too. Have banana for potassium loss.  

Don’t pick up that cuppa

Contrary to the belief having coffee after drinks can actually harm you. Caffeine results in loss of water, it also affects water retention and functioning of kidneys. Coffee may also make you break a sweat, which at this point is not a right option. Drink fruit juice instead, that will help.

Relax, and have a shower

One of the reasons of you feeling so dull is the disruption of your sleep. Going to bed will help you. Also, when you wake up take a good long shower. Freshening up will calm you down and also make recollect your sober thoughts. So even if you’re getting late for work, do not miss your bath.