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Healthy dessert recipe for Valentines Day

  • February 03 09:42 AM
Healthy dessert recipe for Valentines Day


Celebrate the day of love with your partner by making one of the most romantic and healthy dessert as shared by Chef Sanjana Patel from La Folie.

This easy new dessert called ‘Antioxidant’ is not a regular dessert, which is infused with calories, but is one of the healthiest desserts made with vegetables and fruits. Watch out this space for the making of  ‘Antioxidant’ also know as ‘Molecular Gastronomic Dessert’.The video will show you how to prepare the dessert from scratch for your partner this Valentines Day.

Meanwhile here’s the recipe for ‘The Antioxidant Dessert’

1. Rose Panna Cotta

Milk Lychee Puree Rose petals Iota


500gms 50gms 50gms 1.75gms
- Blend the rose petals and milk. Heat till luke warm and

Let it infuse for one hour.

- Strain the milk, add the lychee puree, heat until hot (but not upto simmer boil). Add iota, blend the same once again with a hand blender. Re-heat till simmer boil. Let panna cotta cool down and then pour into the mould to set.

2. Champagne Caviar


Water Calcium Chloride salt

Mock Caviar Solution

Champagne Rosé Water


250gms 1⁄4 tsp 140gms 60gms

- Blend the water and calcium chloride salt till the salt dissolves.

- Blend the champagne rosé and water till it dissolves. Pour the mix into a sauce bottle or with a syringe pipe droplets into the calcium chloride bath.

3. Beetroot Mixed Berries Consumé

Cooked Beetroot frozen or fresh raspberry frozen or fresh strawberry Stevia syrup Lemon Juice Pectin Mixed red berries


120gms 1- 1.5 tsp or as per preferred sweetness Half a lemon 4gms 7-8 pcs per bow

- Slowcook boiled beat roots, raspberry and strawberries on a bain marie. Add the lemon juice and stevia as per desire. With help of a muslin cloth strain the Consumé in a bowl over a couple of hours.

- Set the consumé in the glass bowl with pectin as a gelling agent. Add 7-8 pcs of fresh red berries.

4. Raspberry and Champagne Shot

1:1 ratio of raspberry and champagne

5. Beet root Bubble sugar

Isomalt: 50gms Beet root juice 5 ml


- Spread the isomalt on a silicon mat, splatter around

some beetroot juice. - Bake at 180degC in the oven. Cool down and use for garnish.

Décor: - Invert the panna cotta in the set consumé. Place some red berries if desired. - Add 2tsp of champagne caviar.

- Insert the shot and decorate with bubble sugar. Serve a la minute