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Kriti Sanon on dressing up and the secret behind her love for flat footwear

  • March 11 15:24 PM
Kriti Sanon on dressing up and the secret behind her love for flat footwear
Photo: Hoture

Glamming up in b-town has become a part and parcel of the game for all celebrities. The off-screen fashion has evolved in the industry for the past five to six years. Every celebrity has a personal stylist who are there to glam them up for all their appearances.While we may think celebrities can't do without a stylist in Bollywood, we have a different take from charismatic debutant actress Kriti Sanon who has a stylist but still prefers to choose on her own.

Rocking a easy-casual look in a fitted strapless denim Guess jumpsuit teamed with a white Zara tank and colour blocked Stilletos, Kriti Sanon looked marvellous. We caught up with the actress and asked her about her fashion choices and why she tends to avoid high-heels? Read the full interview here.

What's your style like?

I think I like something simple but fun.I think I always look for one fun element that suits my personality. I think you should never try too hard to really look fashionable. It really shows when you try too hard. What ever you feel comfortable in and whatever suits your body type you should go with it.

Your favourite International designer?

Elie Saab

How many pairs of shoe do you own?

I have not counted.

Shoes or bags?


Has your style actually changed after getting into Bollywood?

Not really! I still kind of choose my clothes myself. Instead of relying on someone else's choices. If I feel I am looking out for something new then I would ask my stylist.

We usually see you in flats and today we see you in heels. Any reason for avoiding heels?

I wear heels for most of the award functions. I am more of a flats person. Firstly it is so comfortable. You can walk whenever and whatever pace you want.Secondly I don't really need heels because of my height. But of-course I feel when you are wearing a gown or when you are wearing a nice short dress it looks better with heels. Also I think it depends more on the occasion for me personally to opt for high heels.