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Super-skinny models to be banned in France

  • April 04 18:48 PM
Super-skinny models to be banned in France
Photo: Getty Images

After Madrid, Israel and Italy, it’s France who is banning super-skinny models and charging heavy fines to those who hire them or promote anorexia in the name of fashion. The French government has passed a law to promote healthy living by imposing the fine and jail terms to those violating the law and promoting super-thin models.

Early in 2012, fashion capital New York had released a guideline which focused on age limit of the models. The size zero figure has been existing for the longest time in the west and joining hands with other countries, the French government is asked agencies to do regular weight checks for models  and impose heavy fines on websites too; who promote unhealthy lifestyle.

While few countries have taken this issue seriously, let’s wait and watch which other countries will join hands to the latest ‘Anti-Anorexia’ movement.