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Donna Karan steps down as Chief Designer after 30 years

  • July 03 15:44 PM
Donna Karan steps down as Chief Designer after 30 years
Photo: Getty Images

The 66 year-old founder and chief designer of Donna Karan International, made an announcement that she will be exiting the fashion house which bears her name for almost 30 years. The designer who has been married to her fashion house for 30 years say’s she will still be an adviser to the label.

In 2001, French luxury company LVMH bought the fashion house but Donna Karan was still the chief designer for LVMH till she announced her exit on Tuesday.

Donna, who is very passionate about her work, still thinks she has a lot to achieve. Exiting DKNY as a chief designer was her decision so that she could give her hundred percent to her new venture the Urban Zen Line. According to a statement in New York Times, designer was quoted saying “LVMH and I have made this decision after much soul-searching. I have arrived at a point in my life where I need to spend more time to pursue my Urban Zen commitment to its fullest potential and follow my vision of philanthropy and commerce.”

She may not be the chief designer for LVMH but she will still be connected to her baby DKNY that she founded years ago in America and inspired young  working women in 80’s and 90’s era.