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Interview: Rahul Mishra goes couture

  • August 06 13:42 PM
Interview: Rahul Mishra goes couture

Designer Rahul Mishra made his debut as a couturier at the India Couture Week in Delhi this season with his ‘Tree of Life’ collection. Taking inspiration from the multi-tasking modern women and from centuries old Chintz textiles, the collection carried detailed-simplicity through age-old craftsmanship in a modern progressive graphic style. We caught up with the designer right after his show and this is what he had to say.

  • You always take inspiration from nature and this season the theme was ‘Tree of Life”?

For me whatever tiny planet we live in and whatever god has created around us is the most important and it’s almost like poetry. Once we take the inspiration from it we than build up on that. We just tried to imitate the nature. This ‘Tree of Life’ is different and now at Paris Fashion Week which is coming up in two months of time is going to be a completely different take on trees.

  • How did the idea come to you on incorporating a western and an Indian element in your collection? We saw bomber jacket teamed with lehenga on the runway.

I have been looking at it in a problem. Whenever somebody buys a trousseau she does not end up wearing it ever after that because normally it is so heavy. You don’t want to look like a bride for somebody else’s wedding wearing that. In my collection I am just talking about fashion, I am talking about garments which you can wear at various occasions during the wedding by styling it differently. Entire world is going for separates and as a designer if I start forcing my bride to look like a Rahul Mishra bride head to toe then I think it’s not intelligent.

  • What sorts of fabric do you like working with?

This collection had nearly all the natural fabrics, from metallic yarn to a woolen yarn to silk and cotton. We also tried to mix it differently and distinctly just to create this look which I think is very modern and edgy. Infact, even the embroideries were done in a variety of textiles for that matter.

  • Your debut show as a couturier now how does that feel?

It feels great and as I said earlier like when I was showcasing at Paris I was getting closer to couture in terms of detailing. I think it’s just about platform and labeling it right and that’s why we are here.