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D&G launches Abhaya collection

  • January 10 16:11 PM
D&G launches Abhaya collection

Italian iconic brand Dolce and Gabbana recently revealed their latest range of Hijab and Abaya collection targeting the Middle Eastern muslim women who swear by all the international iconic brands.

The recent look book of D&G show models posing in a lacy and floral Hijabs and Abayas. From oversized jeweled sunglasses to patterned bags the brand gives traditional muslim women a reason to enjoy wearing their traditional dress  without having to compromising on their fashion choices. The Muslim shopper’s have spent around $266 Billion on clothing and footwear in 2013 according to a report by Thomas Reuters. The report also say’s that the muslim shoppers are expected to spend $484 Billion by the year 2019.

As also shown in the film ‘Sex and the City’ on how the middle eastern, muslim, women dress-up and spend millions on high-end brands, so without doubt this new line of collection by Dolce and Gabbana will generate enormous revenue from the middle eastern countries. Meanwhile, let’s see which other international label follow Dolce and Gabbana’s footsteps.