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Woolmark prize winner Zubair and Renni Kirmani: How it feels to win the award and their future plans

  • August 09 20:59 PM
Woolmark prize winner Zubair and Renni Kirmani: How it feels to win the award and their future plans

 This year the woolmark prize winners for India,Pakistan and middle east region were both Indians.Nachiket Barve for womenswear and Bounipun for menswear walked away with the prestigious award.We caught up with Bounipun’s designer duo Zubair and Renni Kirmani  who shared  their excitement on the big the win. Read the full interview below.

1) How do you both feel about the win?

The winning itself came at the right time I must say because we were also looking for a change where we could get more professional and more streamlined in our profession internationally. This has now given us an opportunity in life towards what we always wanted to do. The feeling was amazing and it was like the first day of our lives since an opportunity like this is not very easy to get.

2) Tell us on how did you both get into designing?

Both of us completely have a different experience. My wife she is a fashion graduate and then she was totally doing her own stuff. After marriage we kind of merged and you know it takes time especially with two different creative minds to settle down to a point. But now we both have got into our label and the Woolmark win came at the right time for us in a way. Now my wife is also a part of the menswear though earlier she had never done it.

3) Woolmark winner Rahul Mishra has made it big globally. What have you both really taken from his work?

 He has definitely done a fantastic job. Earlier too lot of designers have been going global and everybody takes its own natural course of being somewhere. The woolmark win has been a fantastic platform for everybody to  quickly be introduced to people and that takes less time to mature up with the market  somehow .Otherwise what happens is you grow season wise , that is also good as well as bad because sometimes it might take too much time to be noticed.Also the backing ,its expensive to do so many things internationally .For him it was a good platform and it has (proved )fruitful for him. We are also aiming at somewhat similar, everybody has a way of going ahead .We have to go there and see ourselves and definitely find our own way how it’s going to penetrate because the markets and approach are different .

4) What are your future plans?

 After this there is something which we always wanted to do. Woolmark has given us an opportunity to prove ourselves.We believe now  we want to venture out into a very clean menswear which is beyond the typical Indian wear.We have done few shows earlier and what happens is few jackets or couple of things end up being at the studio with just one or two being sold .Therefore, we want to take it  more global and  focus on products rather than typical one to one sort of jacket or a product.

5) Which international designers do u look upto ?

 I personally like people with concept, there can be a lot of designers who influence you or you look up to sometimes. Somebody like Issey Miyake, because they work on concept, that is very strong. Today every 5-10 brands look very similar at the end of the day.I believe in designers who have a strong identity of their own, which is either modern or local craft, something very strong signatures and that’s what we are looking at basically.

6) Name one icon you would like to see your creation in?

It’s about the personality, he can be a star or he can be a normal person at the end of the day.Who so ever wears the garment is a star himself.

7) Name one thing that you want to change in the fashion industry

Changing is different but what I feel is you just have to be yourself, whatever makes you comfortable and we need not to be a fashion slave.