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Athiya Shetty’s secret tips on taking over the runway like a queen

  • July 28 17:23 PM
   Athiya Shetty’s secret tips on taking over the runway like a queen

1) You are walking for Shyamal and Bhumika here at India Couture Week?How do you feel?

I am really excited and I love their clothes.I have worn their clothes in my film ‘Mubarakan’. There were some pretty bridal outfits so, I am really thrilled to be walking for them

2) Tell us about your showstopping outfit that you are wearing?

I think the one I am wearing perfectly depicts young, modern Indian women, as it has an element heritage but it is also very modern and I feel really confident and beautiful in it.

3) What tips would you like to give to the young Indian brides?

I feel they shouldn’t think so much.Be comfortable in what you are wearing because you have to remember that night rather than remembering your uncomfortable outfit.I personally would move away from bright colours.I would go for more of gold,cream,champagne or blush pinks.

4) What was your day like including your diet?

I have only eaten junk food.Had gulab jamun too!I am a very ‘Non-Showstopper’ when it comes to food. Overall it was a busy fun day with my fittings, and getting ready for the show.I would say it was a fun chilled out day.

5) Are you nervous to walk right now?

I am!I have butterflies in my stomach but I am also very excited.