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Gucci Cruise 2019 : Runway created in a cemetery

  • June 02 15:21 PM
Gucci Cruise 2019 : Runway created in a cemetery

The South of France has been the flavour of the season for fashion’s hottest Cruise 2019 presentations, but it was Gucci that raised the game under Alessandro Michele’s creative supervision.

Imprinted in one’s memory as a popular subject of Van Gogh paintings, the Provencal city of Arles took a gothic avatar for the Gucci Cruise presentation. Turning a Roman necropolis into his runway, Michele showcased 114 looks among billowing smoke, church candles and a dash of fire that ran along the runway’s length.

Though death was an underlying theme of the collection, the Gucci way of looking at death comes with a fair share of glam. Playing with an exciting colour palette, Michele sent sequins, tiger print, silk printed florals and tigers - characteristic of the fashion house - glossy velvets and lace down the runway. However, the selling point of the collection will undoubtedly be the tees, coats and sweatshirts, featuring the iconic logo of Chateau Marmont - a result of Gucci’s collaboration with the enchanting Andre Balazs property.

Gucci's second installment in the three-part series that pays homage to France, the pieces in themselves were anything but macabre and as far we are concerned it's the accessories that were to _die_ for.