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Iconic designer Kate Spade dead at 55

  • June 06 20:04 PM
Iconic designer Kate Spade dead at 55

Kate Spade has always been a page six staple for her ceaseless contribution to fashion but today, the iconic American fashion designer makes way to front-page news. Following the footsteps of Lee McQueen, Spade similarly died by suicide along with a note in her NYC Park Avenue apartment.

Her tragic passing prompted tweets among the fashion clique and celebrities talking about depression and offering their warm condolences.

With her brand, and especially her quirky ‘it’ bags, Spade has made major waves and recently, Tapestry (Coach’s parent company) bought Kate Spade for a few billion dollars and we’re trusting them to carry on her legacy to the finish line.

RIP Ms. Spade.

If you see someone opting the ‘easy way out’, google and ring the 'National Suicide Prevention Line' for your country and you’ll give somebody a new life.