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Power packed duo Menka Soni and Nidhi Yasha gives us an insight on the upcoming North America Fashion Week 2019

  • July 31 02:48 AM
Power packed duo Menka Soni and Nidhi Yasha gives us an insight on the upcoming North America Fashion Week 2019

Catching on with the rest of the fashion week moguls across the world, the North America Fashion Week is finally here which is taking place in Seattle from 1st to 4th August 2019. Founder and Director of NAFW, Menka Soni and Nidhi Yasha have started this non-profit initiative to promote women entrepreneur’s, talents and to make every dream come into reality through this show.

The one day fashion event is now become bigger and better this year with four day fashion extravaganza where designers around the world are coming together to showcase their collection. Bollywood’s favourite designer Neeta Lulla, Nidhi Yasha, Rina Dhaka, Sasha Sharma, Prashant Verma and many more will be showing their collection in Seattle this august.

Bollywood celebrities Evelyn Sharma, Elli Avram, Ashmit Patel, Urvashi Rautela and many more have shown their support across social media platforms for the upcoming ‘North America Fashion Week’. We got candid with Menka and Nidhi to get a sneak peek at the event happenings and this is what they had to say:

1) You probably have a million things on your plate at the moment, how do you both manage to multitask?

For me by virtue of being a woman and that too a leader of a nonprofit empowering woman, I have become used to multitasking. I would like to give a big credit to my husband Ashish Soni, who is the co-founder of NAFW to manage it so well even when I was admitted to hospital due to a heart attack just a few weeks before the event, says Menka Soni.

2) How is North America Fashion Week different than the many fashion shows that has been organized in America by our Indian/American people?

North America Fashion Week is a one-of-a-kind event designed to bring fashion industry to the Redmond city, which will initiate an active partnership and collaboration of communities in Arts & Culture (media, celebrities, industry professionals, innovative designers showcasing inclusion & diversity) with business. Our organization is highly proactive in promoting arts, culture, tourism, diversity & inclusion in King County including cities Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, and Renton. This event is also supported by City of Redmond.

3) Any particular reason in sight why you chose North America to debut the venture?

As of the key highlight of this fashion week to highlight diversity, inclusion, and tourism, it made more sense to pick up North America, which is full of diversity & inclusion. It has a great growing market that needs to be tapped. The idea of NAFW is to bring the elite labels together and introduce them to a new and ripe market, which is brimming with potential. We have on board with us a pool of buyers, high-end press and every industry professional that matters in the spectrum. At NAFW, we intend to showcase all the events around a wide range of topics from fashion forecasting (trends & colors), styling & grooming, accessories, textiles, to body positivity, sustainability and vegan fashion since we recognize NAFW as a well-primed step in supporting the fast-growing fashion industry in Seattle.

4) Are we expecting any major VVIP front row sightings?

Yes, we are expecting a lot of VVIP’s for the event. Senator Manka Dhingra, City of Redmond Council President Angela Birney, City of Redmond Council Member Tanika Padhey, City of Bellevue Council Member Jared Nieuwenhuis, City of Bellevue Council Member Janice Zahn, Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri, Miss World, Miss Asia WA, Miss India USA queens and many more, say’s Nidhi Yasha.

5) Where do you envision North America Fashion week 3 years from now?

In the next 3 years, NAFW will be the biggest fashion week and will attract more designers, sponsors from across the world. We should be able to support charitable causes and use fashion as a tool for community services. 

6) Any personal favourite designers you are excited to see?

I am excited to meet Neeta Lulla who is our finale designer, say’s Menka Soni.