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Nursing a broken heart on Valentines Day

  • February 14 10:52 AM
Nursing a broken heart on Valentines Day

It's not easy to keep a calm head when the heart is bleeding. It is tormenting enough to see happy couples gallivanting around when you have just had a break up and if they celebrate Valentine's Day, it’s nothing less than rubbing salt into your wound. But one must not be disheartened. Heart breaks, and it gets stronger, we just need to consolidate our positive self. 

Stay positive

Clinical psychologist Seema Hingorrany says that she comes across many lovesick and heartbroken people during this time around the year. “Most people go through severe emotional mood swings during the Valentine’s Day, mostly these people are single and have no one to go out for the date, or they have just recently broken up. My advice generally to such clients is that they need to change their belief system.” City-based life coach Sunaina Shah asks such people to not lose hope. “Break-up can derail once morale. Such people tend to develop a low self-esteem. But you should always stay positive. Meditation and physical activities are one of the best ways to keep oneself busy and positive. Try to distress yourself,” she adds.

Treat yourself

Just because you don’t have a date doesn’t mean you can’t look good or dress well. “On the Valentine’s Day, it’s okay to keep yourself busy, go to a nearby book shop if you’re interested in books and for a change give yourself a nice treat. Take a good spa massage and enjoy the relaxing feeling,” suggest Hingorrany adding that, “We can always perk our mood by making ourselves feel good. Have a relaxing shower or cook for yourself. Stay active and happy and don’t let bad mood get to you.”

Friends with no benefit

Mostly the heartbroken people feel that they are not good enough and that’s why they have been rejected. They also don’t want to try again for the fear of rejection. This causes depression and anxiety. Also, comparison by seeing friends on social media having a gala time is not easy to ignore. Hingorrany suggests that people should go out with people. “People and friends are the best remedy. Talk to your family or friends. You can take an old friend out for coffee or dinner. The best thing about having a friend is that there are no questions asked. Going out with friend doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a romantic association with them. Don't be negative in your feelings and keep your faith and hope high.” Always know that you’re special and someone somewhere will be there who will make you happy. Wait for that person and stay cheerful.