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The 10 Fashion Insider Tips for Online Shopping

  • January 12 11:48 AM
The 10 Fashion Insider Tips for Online Shopping
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Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!

Sign up to online mailing lists (all the big brands have them) and you’ll be the first to know when your fav brand goes on sale! If you’re one of the first on the site, chances are you’ll get your size. Wait too long and you can kiss that half price stilettos goodbye!

Keep your finger on the mouse

Anyone who’s purchased something online knows how much prices can vary depending on the site… do your research to know which sites have the best price, and which ones might give you a sneaky 20% discount at the checkout.

Size up the brands

Many online stores also have physical stores.  If possible, go into the shop to work out your size. As we all know, sizes vary with brands. So it’s good to know your average size before you click the ‘purchase’ button.  NB – if your shopping with an Online Only site like ASOS… look at the model in the pictures and see how the garment fits them. Sites will generally tell you the model’s height and usual size.

Trash or treasure?

Buying second hand goods can seem a little risky, but it could also mean getting high-end designer brands for a fraction of the price. Look for sites that offer a bargain. Always ask about the condition and the authenticity. Ideally, luxury goods should come with their original packaging.

Know you’re T’s and C’s

TERMS & CONDITIONS – the two most important words in online shopping!! Different sites will have different policies… some will allow exchanges within 30 days, some will give full refunds. Know these details BEFORE you buy.

Create a new email address just for online shopping

Ever sorted through thousands of emails to find a discount code or an online receipt? Take the hard work out of shopping by setting up a specific account just for shopping. Direct all your online newsletters there too. When you’re in the shopping mood, log in to your special email and you’ll feel like a kid in a candy shop!

Trick the postman

Find that perfect dress but the company only ships to the US? Look for sites that will forward any of your purchases for a pretty reasonable price. So shop away!

Buy in bulk and save on postage

Most sites will give free postage on orders over a certain price (usually $100). If you’re only a few Rupee away from free shipping, buy a basic white tee or black singlet. You can never have too many basics… and who wants to pay for postage anyway!

Read up baby

Most sites will have online reviews written about quality, service and pricing. Read up on their reputation to avoid the bad ones! Ensure the online transaction is secure by looking for https:// in the site’s URL.

Know your limits

We all love receiving a package in the mail, filled with online purchases, but remember you’re spending real money. You wouldn’t buy a Prada handbag without thinking about the price, so always make sure the price is in your budget.